CityVille Guide – 8 Essential Tips

January 5th, 2011

CityVille Guide – 8 essential Cityville tips start here!

Stepping up from Farmville to Cityville can be a challenge for some. Why? – quite simply because the gameplay is deeper and requires a little bit more strategy and planning.

Cityville, will generally punish a click first, think later approach so read on and learn how to ensure your Cityville city outgrows your friends by following these 8 golden CityVille tips.

Here is a picture of our city after 7 days using common sense and the tips below!


Cityville Coins, Goods, Population, Energy, Experience

What’s important? Energy limits how many clicks you can do so it is the single most important thing in Cityville. Once your energy runs out you only receive 1 energy every 5 minutes. Be tight with your energy and careful with those clicks! Businesses change goods into coins. Population affects how fast your businesses turn goods into coins. Experience is gained when you use energy. That’s the executive summary!

So in order of importance.

  1. Energy
  2. Goods
  3. Experience
  4. Coins
  5. Population

Cityville strategy – Think before you click!


Energy is a key difference between Farmville and Cityville. Energy limits the number of actions you can do. So to grow quickly ensure you only click the things that give big rewards! Don’t click everything – just because you can – remember this aint Farmville! Some clicks are more valuable than others!

Cityville coins – Money, money, money.

So how to make coins? Just like in the real world – businesses are the main source of cash for you. The houses you build to grow your population don’t really yield much return in rents. The big money is in business!


Cityville Business tip A: Add empty lots for 0 coins so your neighbours can build franchises in your town. Not only does this save you resources building your own, but they also require less of your goods and energy to run. It’s a win, win relationship, add as many as you have space for!


Cityville Business Tip B: Getting enough goods to supply your businesses quickly becomes a problem. The solution: farm, baby, farm! Yes this ain’t Farmville but your Cityville businesses need goods to make cash, and those goods come from farms. So it’s really important to plant plenty of crops. Ideally your neighbours will harvest them, for you so saving your precious energy. If you are desperate for goods, visit your neighbours and see if they have any farms – clicking them will yield valuable cityville goods for you.


Cityville Roads – not the best idea

In Cityville land is at a premium – this means roads are bad, sidewalks are good. Land is important and limited – since roads take up a lot of land, using the sidewalks will ensure your city can do more with less! Usually I end up bulldozing the roads they gave you at the start to free up room for more productive buildings.



Cityville Parklife!

Decorations (flowers and gardens) are your friend! Not only do they make your city look sweet, they increase the amount of cash your businesses give you! Now you may be thinking – but they take up land… that’s right but importantly they make every click you make give you more! Since your click’s are limited, this helps a lot! This is really important at first when money is tight. By making a beautiful park for your businesses you can increase the cash generated from your businesses by 250% +. Just move your business into the park when it’s ready, click collect then move it out, rinse and repeat!

I’d recommend the 4,000 coin arboretum (+16%) as soon as you can afford it, and the bandstand (+32%) as soon as you have 15 Cityville cash, then upgrade when you can until you are rolling in the coins and can afford the rocky hill’s as shown in the +250
% bonus below.

See the screenshots below for some more great examples of Cityville parklife!



Demolition man!

Bulldozer-friendThe Bulldozer is your friend! Just like a real city… the homes and businesses that are created for a small village get removed and replaced by bigger more efficient buildings as your city grows up. Because land becomes more difficult to acquire as you grow (I need 20 zoning permits to expand now – ouch!) it may well be easier to bulldoze your old houses/businesses/roads rather than expand onto new land. Quick example: the ‘cozy cottage’ allows 10 population – it takes up 3×3 squares the colonial chalet houses 120! x12 more! in the same space! So you can Bulldoze 12 cozy cottages and replace with 1 building that has equivalent population. Reclaim that land baby!


I hope you found this useful and if you’d like to learn more Cityville secrets please buy the Cityville Secrets guide. It’s only a few dollars and it will save you a bunch of time and make your city the envy of your friends!

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